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The mothers are always busy with housework, can get away? Robot vacuum can automatically clean the rooms. The work is comprehensive, meticulous, so that mothers feel more effort and caring. Give mother a captive “Baymax”. Take her the intelligent home clean experience.

Microsoft Bing search based on the 4 billion and 100 million times per month to search the global behavior, to find the perfect robot vacuum who knows her, to enjoy the clean housework.

irobot Roomba vacuum

TOP1 IRobot

Global search index: 22409

Private patent , the most intelligent robot

American iRobot Corporation was founded in 1990 by three professors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The iRobot Roomba can make different cleaning action according to different home environment, can limit the extent of dissection, and can automatically return while the task is completed or almost no power.

neato robot vacuum

TOP2 Neato

Global search index: 18250

Scanning and positioning, the best planning route robot

Neato, means clean and elegant, founded by the founder of Logitech, located in Silicon Valley in USA. Neato has the latest RPS path planning system, generate 3D room panoramic digital map. This application patent even earlier than the famous Google unmanned vehicle, unique in the field of robot vacuum.


LG robot vacuum


Global search index: 14464

Not affected by the light, the best vision robot

South Korea LG robot vacuum has a top camera, simulates the room structure by scanning the ceiling, plans route for cleaning.

panasonic robot vacuum

TOP4 Panasonic

Global search index: 7464

Focus on the memory, the best memory robot

Panasonic Industrial Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1918, ranked among the world’s top 500 brands list. Panasonic robot vacuum has equipped with infrared, ultrasonic sensor. Not hit and damaged furniture. Can store a variety of function and focus on cleaning the designated area.

sharp robot vacuum

TOP5 Sharp

Global search index: 4430

Remote monitoring, the most remote control robot

Japan’s SHARP robot vacuum can be remotely monitored by mobile client, support voice speech, can be an observer in everything with the camera.

moneual robot vacuum

TOP6 Moneual

Global search index: 4281

Sweep and vacuum, the most capable robots

From South Korea’s Moneual robot vacuum with a clean cloth, support sweep drag, one step in place to solve the problem of furniture cleaning.

infinuvo robot vacuum

TOP7 Infinuvo

Global search index: 3307

Spiral clean, the largest coverage robot

The United States Infinuvo unique spiral clean to provide a wider room clean coverage, and with a strong ultraviolet bactericidal function.

techko maid robot vacuum

TOP8 Techko maid

Global search index: 1740

Clean up hair, the pet family favorite robot

Using the internal Techko dust cleaning paper to achieve automatic dust removing function, especially hair and dust cleaning.

tsukamoto aim robot vacuum

TOP9 Tsukamoto aim

Global search index: 1409

Exquisite body is most suitable for small-sized apartment robot

Japan Tsukamoto Aim robot vacuum operation is simple with inside sensor, and the size is very small. It can support the global electrical plug and voltage.

proscenic robot vacuum

TOP10 Proscenic

Global search index: 828

Most adept at cleaning the floor robot

Taiwan Proscenic has 2014 latest invention patent design, original crawler can rotate the cleaning plan.

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