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Samsung launched a new POWERbot VR7000 robot vacuum on CES 2017. The new product has a strong function and less than 4 inches (97mm) design. Ultra-thin, than the previous Samsung robot vacuum, the volume decreased by 28%. Built-In Alexa Amazon AI Module, can be controlled by voice like Amazon Echo. The first AI Robot Vacuum up to now!

Samsung VR7000 3

Samsung POWERbot series robot vacuum has quite especial design, which is like Dyson  360 Eye. But they has much more suction power, at least 10X than current leading brands.

Samsung POWERbot robot vacuum 1
The Old Design of Samsung POWERbot robot vacuum, 10X More Suction than the Current Leading Brand

It is reported that the Samsung POWERbot VR7000 robot vacuum has three main features:

Up to 20 watts of super suction

In order to meet the higher requirements of consumers for cleaning ability, the new design comes into being super suction. According to Samsung’s internal research, 39% of North American consumers want their robotic vacuum cleaners to reach inaccessible areas and have enough suction to avoid manual cleaning.

According to the different models, the POWERbot VR7000 can create up to 20 watts of suction, easy to cover missing area which the manual vacuum cleaner will be, such as bed or other furniture. The suction power is higher to 40X than current leading robot vacuum brands.

Samsung VR7000 5

Learn to self cleaning

The POWERbot VR7000 Edge Clean Master function makes it possible to easily clean the corner within 1/2 inch (15mm) of the corner, with 11 inch (288mm) brush which the collocation ahead of other brands. It can be more close to the clean edges, making it easier to collect and clean the dust and hair. In addition, the Auto Shutter feature also makes it easier to clean dust at the edge.

POWERbot VR7000’s unique automatic cleaning brush function significantly reduces the dust in the hair and brush card. In the middle of the brush collection device, more convenient for the debris in the trash and regular maintenance of machine.

Samsung VR7000 4

More intelligent than ever

Equipped with a variety of intelligent features, POWERbot VR7000 has the excellent performance of automation. First of all, equipped with a Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2, POWERbot VR7000 can automatically draw and memory room contour in cleaning the room; then, it will automatically enter the sanitation dead corner of room to clean . At the same time, it can also detect obstacles in the room and small items (10mm or less than 0.4 inch).

Samsung VR7000 1

Not only that, according to the actual situation of the cleaning area, Intelligent Power Control system can automatically adjust the level of absorption power, optimize cleaning function. For example, when from the wooden floor to the carpet, POWERbot VR7000 will automatically adjust the absorbed power to ensure the best cleaning effect. Like other Samsung home appliances, POWERbot VR7000 can realize the interconnection function, can be easily controlled by APP. Whether it is through smart phones, or other mobile electronic devices, the user can control the start and stop the machine, set the cleaning time and view the history. In addition, POWERbot VR7000 is also equipped with Amazon Echo system, the user can issue commands to the machine by voice.

Samsung VR7000 2

President of Samsung Electronics appliances division Byung-Sam Seo said: “For a busy family in the modern society, POWERbot VR7000 great to meet the daily demand of clean. Only need to set it up, you can look at it to clean the room. Ultra large suction design with POWERbot VR7000 navigation function, so it can well perform their daily cleaning work.”

As for the price of this robot vacuum, the official has not revealed, perhaps after CES.

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