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For the late stage of “lazy cancer”, the robot vacuum is definitely a good thing. Especially after the emergence of the sweeping and mopping which are all done by robots, saves a lot of time. Sweeping robot vacuum are becoming more and more popular, and various brands are emerging in an endless stream. Roborock reaped a lot of public praise with enough excellent and easy-to-use products.

In 2017, as one of the first self owned products launched by Roborock, the Roborock sweeping robotic vacuum S5 has experienced many challenges. With the functions of sweeping and mopping, virtual wall, and many sensors, the configuration can be described as luxurious. At that time, its price was also considered high by some people. But in the past three years, under the numerous tests of users, the original criticism of price disappeared, and the only thing left was the unanimous praise of cost-effective products.

Three years later, the classic work also ushered in the upgrading, Roborock sweeping robot vacuum P5 came out, and brought us many surprises.

If you only look at the hardware specifications, you can hardly see the obvious difference between P5 and S5. However, with careful and specific functions, you will find that P5 has made great progress in structural design and core functions, and even can compete with Roborock T6 (S6), the flagship product. People can’t help but want to know more about this product.

The brain of the Roborock robot vacuum P5 has been completely upgraded. Compared with the old products S5, it has greatly improved the segmentation, recognition and corresponding quick operation of the family area. In terms of cleaning method, the new path planning can make the stone sweeping robot work more efficiently. Let you on the road of laziness use more and more comfortable, no longer bother to use software to teach robot to clean which area.

Structural progress has also been significant. The biggest killer of sweeping robot vacuum is not pet poop, but the hair that is ubiquitous in the home and hard to find and clean in time. Once entangled in the main brush, you have to pay a rather cumbersome process to dismantle and clean. The P5 adopts a simple and detachable structure design, with a 3-step structure, which is very convenient for hair cleaning.

Since it is an intelligent sweeping robot vacuum, it should be able to bring changes to our quality of life. So is P5 really qualified? What are the effects of these upgrades? Next, the detailed evaluation. Smart as S6, cheaper than S5.

Roborock P5 vs S5 vs S6

Appearance: simple white design, quick dismantling structure, easy to maintain

The Roborock robot vacuum P5 is packed in a very simple Kraft box. Because the size of the product itself is quite large, so the size of the package is not small.

Unpack and take out the body. This time we got the gold version. You can see a circle of gold decoration on the upper part of the whole white fuselage.

There are two physical buttons on the machine body, namely the power button and the cleaning button. Even if they are not through the app, pressing them can quickly start the machine to clean in a square area.

The laser sensors and other sensing modules at the top are the eyes of the robot vacuum. It is through them that robot vacuum scan houses and find obstacles.

The front panel is printed with the logo of stone technology and has a slight bump. Through it, you can easily open the top cover and see the internal structure.

Open the top cover to see the dust box and the cleaning brush. There is also a Wi Fi indicator and a reset button hidden.

The dust box is also fixed in the robotic vacuum with the help of a simple clasp, which can be easily removed. The filter screen and other structures of the dust box can be removed, and you can wash them directly.

At the bottom, you can see two driving wheels and one driven wheel, both of which support up and down position adjustment and can cross 2cm obstacles at most. The single brush is responsible for sweeping out the corner dust, and the main brush is responsible for sweeping up the dust, hair, debris, etc. on the ground.

The main brush can also be removed by removing the baffle. The main brush itself also supports quick removal. If the brush cover and bearing at one end are removed, the hair can be cleaned directly.

The attached mop and water tank can be replaced. If you don’t want to clean it, you can buy a new one after using it for a while.

The dishcloth is fixed on the water tank by magic cloth. After opening, you can see two water outlets and adjustment buttons. The Roborock P5 has two adjustable water levels, which can support the cleaning of rooms with a maximum size of 120.

The water tank is also a convenient snap type installation, which can be completed by pressing along the groove.

Additional charging base and power cord. When installed on the wall, the sweeper robot vacuum can recharge automatically.

Use app to show super intelligent cleaning power

After the app is connected with the Roborock sweeping robot P5, open the “save map” function in the settings.

According to the guidelines, the mobile phone will soon start debugging the robot before its first use. Click start to clean, and finish cleaning for the first time. The app interface will have a complete cleaning map of your home.

This sweeping robot vacuum supports 360 degree Global Cruise scanning, high-precision ranging and mapping, AI high intelligent circuit planning, high efficiency, low repetition, and real-time mapping.

The Roborock sweeping robot vacuum P5 also supports map management, room zoning, virtual wall setting and custom cleaning area in the app, showing the super intelligent strongest brain.

According to the guidance, it took about 45 minutes for P5 to build a map for the first time at home, then it ran through all parts of the home and completed the map building work for three rooms and two halls.

In this way, when the Roborock sweeping robot P5 is operated in the later stage, you can intelligently partition the modeling map based on the room. Different color areas represent different rooms. Click to choose to focus on sweeping a room. You can make it clean the living room or bedroom according to your needs.

When the environment changes, the Roborock sweeping robot P5 can capture more information to ensure that there is no leakage or repetition in the sweeping process.

If it is a global cleaning, the Roborock sweeping robot P5 can clean the rooms one by one, just like an aunt at home. It can clean the whole room one by one. In this way, when the cleaning is completed in an orderly manner, it can intelligently eliminate missed sweeping and repeated sweeping.

If the Roborock sweeping robot P5 encounters obstacles, it will also retreat in time to make a turn. It will not be like some competing products. It will take several trial and error to change the road.

Of course, P5 multiple AI algorithms integrate sensor data, process and calculate in real time, reasonably plan sweeping path, independently complete sweeping and recharging, and constantly upgrade OTA based on robot data, so as to learn and adapt to your home environment.

Powerful suction 1800Pa, 180ml adjustable large water tank, capable of sweeping and mopping

As for the cleaning ability, it should be mentioned that the 1800Pa suction machine carried by the Roborock sweeping robot P5, together with the floating main brush and sealed air duct close to the ground, can easily absorb dust, hair, debris and even beans and steel balls.

After cleaning the house, the fine household garbage on the floor, such as rice grains, melon seed shells, paper scraps, hair and other garbage, are all “absorbed” by the Roborock sweeping robot P5.

In addition, when sweeping along the wall and when turning, the Roborock sweeping robot P5 can also precisely control the body of the machine, dynamically adjust the speed while brushing, so as to achieve high efficiency, clean the corner, wall edge, etc.

The Roborock sweeping robot P5 not only has outstanding sweeping ability, but also has excellent performance in mopping the floor. Its water tank capacity reaches 180ml, and it can tow up to 120㎡ at a time. It is the first sweeping robot of Roborock with large water tank.

Disassembly and maintenance: quick disassembly design, simple structure and easy to clean

As a sweeping robot that often deals with dirt, hair and other stains, daily maintenance and cleaning are also very important. The Roborock sweeping robot P5 is perfect in this respect. From the dust box to the main brush, all adopt the snap type quick release design, which can complete the removal and installation without any tools and is very convenient.

Open the top cover of the Roborock sweeping robot P5, you can see a cleaning brush head and dust box. The dust box is fixed in the machine by gravity and can be taken out with a single button.

The filter screen on the dust box needs to be opened outwards with a certain amount of force from the inside. The whole dust box supports cleaning with water, and a simple wash can make it bright as new.

Take a look at the main brush head at the bottom, and the baffle can be taken out with a slight buckle of the bayonet. The main brush head inside is fixed by the slot, and can be taken out along the card slot direction for cleaning. Like the headache of hair winding bearings, this way, you can directly and easily solve.

Open the rubber plug in the water tank to add water. The bottom cloth is fixed with a Velcro and a card slot, which is also very convenient to replace. If it is not easy to clean if it is not heavily stained, it can be reused for a long time if it is disassembled and cleaned by itself, which is economical. Tear off the rag, you can see two water outlets and water flow regulators. The second level adjustment supports cleaning up to 250 ㎡.

Of course, such as brush head, dust box and filter screen are consumables. In the app of P5, there is also a detailed record of the life of these consumables, and we can know how long the remaining use time is. The app also provides the cleaning record, which is convenient for you to find the reason through the cleaning record when finding the abnormal consumption of consumables.


Sweeping robot vacuum, as a smart device, its biggest function is to help us clean the family floor and improve the quality of life. Therefore, it’s important to have a “smart” mind. The robot can scan the environment of the home by itself. It has a highly free timed task. It’s cleaner and more efficient. It’s clever to avoid obstacles during the journey. The basic skills of P5 sweeping robot are quite good.

Maintenance and cleaning operations are simple enough and necessary. After all, not everyone is an expert. There are always risks in using screws to dismantle delicate mechanical structures. Through the structural design, the Roborock sweeping robot P5 makes the disassembly as simple as building blocks. It does not need tools or too much strength. The disassembly and cleaning is very easy. It’s easy to clean the dirt box with water.

Roborock has put many of the features that only the flagship had before into P5, a cheap product. There are even the unprecedented new features of infrared tube scanning along the wall and AI intelligent breakpoint scanning, which have to be said to be really fragrant.

For those who use the old sweeping robot at home, or have never experienced the sweeping robot, P5 is the best choice. The experience of not losing the flagship and more people-friendly price are suitable for the first attempt or normal product iteration and upgrading. This sweeping robot must not be missed.

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