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(Last Updated On: February 16, 2020)

Since the launch of RoboRock sweeping robot vacuum, there have been many people on the Internet wondering: what is the relationship between Roborock sweeping robot vacuum and Xiaomi MI sweeping machine? So today, we’re going to sort out the relationship between these two brands.

Xiaomi and Roborock

Before introducing these two sweeping robot vacuums, we need to understand the relationship between Xiaomi brand and Roborock technology

  • in July 2014, Beijing Roborock Century Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Roborock technology) was established in Beijing, focusing on the research and development and production of intelligent household cleaning robot vacuum and other cleaning appliances.
  • in September 2014, Xiaomi was invested and became a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise.
  • in September 2016, Roborock technology launched its first product “Mijia robot vacuum” under Xiaomi brand. At present, the first generation of MI sweeping robot vacuum, the Mijia sweeping robot, is officially sold in global market. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum, the Best Smart Robot Vacuum 2017
  • on March 27, 2017, Mijia sweeper robot vacuum entered Taiwan and sold 15000 sets in one month after listing, with turnover exceeding $130 million NT.
  • on September 19, 2017, the company launched its second product, “Roborock sweeping robot vacuum”, which has raised 10 million yuan in just four hours.

Why is the Roborock sweeper no longer named Xiaomi?

First of all, Xiaomi’s attitude towards the eco chain enterprises is as follows: Xiaomi shares in the company without holding shares, giving the eco chain companies the right to speak and control, and letting each eco chain company control its own main direction for self-development. Xiaomi will help them build a team and provide product definition, brand support, supply chain support, channel support, marketing and investment support, etc. Xiaomi, like a nanny, helps eco chain companies and is also an incubator. Therefore, Xiaomi company does not exclude ecological chain enterprises to be its own brand. On the contrary, Xiaomi has been encouraging these enterprises to launch higher-level brands than Xiaomi brand and Mijia brand. Xiaomi will help these enterprises maintain their basic growth and develop their own businesses with a solid base.

Secondly, the brand is very important for the long-term development of an enterprise. Apple Samsung in the mobile phone, Sony Leica in the camera and so on all have brand loyalty. As for Xiaomi’s eco chain enterprises, Xiaomi has incorporated their products into its own product line, pasted Xiaomi or the brand of the Mijia family, so that Xiaomi’s ride will bring the benefits of Xiaomi’s channel, market, brand, marketing, etc. for a while, but one day, if Xiaomi’s strategy or other reasons accidentally falls off the car or Being left behind will lead to the road becoming narrower and narrower because there is no brand of their own, because relying on a single customer and sales channel has always been a great risk, so there is one thing they need to consider: if there is no support from Xiaomi, they can survive. Don’t put the eggs in the same basket and be wary of the black swan incident.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for Xiaomi eco chain products to launch new independent brands, such as huami, which produces Xiaomi bracelet, launched its own brand amazfit smart watch / bracelet, Qingmi, which produces Xiaomi plug-in board, Qingmi charging station and several Qingmi plug-in boards. LVMI co creation, which produces smart home products for Xiaomi, and aqara, which also has its own independent brand. And headphone manufacturer 1more has also launched their own headphone brands, etc. The ideal is very full, but the reality is bone feeling. At present, after breaking away from the glory of Xiaomi brand, the independent brand development of most eco chain companies is not very smooth. However, the only way for all eco chain companies is to develop independent brands and de Mijia independent brands. So the Roborock sweeping robot vacuum of Roborock technology can’t be more normal without Xiaomi’s name.

Roborock is Better

Roborock S5 is much better than MI robot vacuum. Here I list the comparison table.

Hardware and Features comparsion table:

MI Robot VacuumRoborock S5notes
size345X345X96mm353X350X96.5mmS5 is bigger, not good at passage capacity
Rolling brush lengthGlue wool mixed brush 165mmGlue wool mixed brush 165mmsame
Dust box Size(ml)420480Although the S5 is only slightly improved, due to the reduction of edges and corners, the capacity is effectively increased!
Side brush configurationSingleSinglesame
Battery capacity5200 mAh5200 mAhsame
Detector type360 ° laser + front ultrasonic + side infrared360 ° laser + front infrared + side laserEach has its own advantages. The ultrasonic wave in front of MI is more accurate, and the laser edge extension on s side is more accurate
Rated power (W)55W58WSuction power increases, so there is no difference between advantages and disadvantages
Max suction(Pa)18002000Suction is strengthened, collection ability is improved to a certain extent!
Continuous working hours210minute200minutesimilar
remote controlAPP ControlAPP Controlsame
Virtual wallMagnetic stripeMagnetic stripesame
Breakpoint continuationYesYesDue to the powerful endurance time and efficient planning ability, this function is basically unusable!
Designated MoveNoYesYou can specify the unexplored area to move by itself and upgrade the algorithm
Area sweepingNoYesThe cleaning range can be specified for more convenient use
Carpet increase modeNoYesEffectively improve carpet cleaning ability
Suction modeQuiet, normal, powerful, full speedQuiet, normal, powerful, full speedSame
Appointment cleaningSpecific days, timeSpecific days, timeSame
LDS pressure sensorNoYesAnti jamming function of laser scanning head, effectively reducing machine jamming
Filter washingNoYesThe consumption of consumables in the later stage is reduced, which is environmentally friendly and convenient
MopNoYesReduce the capital consumption of purchasing mop

Here I must point out LDS pressure sensor is very important for robot vacuum, easy to jam. My MI robot vacuum replaced the LDS module after one year of use.

Performance comparsion table:

  MI Robot Vacuum Roborock S5 Notes
Coverage 99% 99% Similar
Garbage recovery 100% 100% Similar
Sweeping Speed Good Good Similar
Cleaning Performance Good Good Similar
Intelligent crossing Not Support Not Support For example, this function is required to enter the rear of the curtain, which is not supported by the machine at present
Anti winding ability Normal Normal The finer wire is easy to be drawn into the roller brush, and the coarser wire is not entangled
Obstacle surmounting ability Normal Good The ability to cross obstacles is improved, and some carpets and other edges run more smoothly
Recharge capability 100% recharging from the base, unable to recharging if placed randomly 100% recharging from the base, random placement affected by the environment Upgrade the recharging algorithm, provide off base recharging for more convenient use
Obstacle recognition ability Good Good Similar
Power consumption for charging and standby Charging 36W, standby 2.6W Charging 36W, standby 3.3w Similar, MI a little better
Noise Quiet mode 60dB, full speed mode 66dB Quiet mode 59dB, full speed mode 66dB The difference is not big, so it is slightly better than MI considering the suction improvement
Integrated box cleaning Take it out from above and wash it partially Take it out from above and wash it with water All water washing is convenient for cleaning, reducing consumption of consumables
Prompting method Voice prompt + app text display Voice prompt + app text display Same


Roborock robot vacuum still has some improvements in many aspects, with better purchase value. Of course, it’s up to you to choose one. Here’s a little advice: If you have limited budgst or no need to mop the ground, you can consider buying MI robot vacuum alone. If you don’t care about these hundreds of pieces, or want a sweep and mop machine, Roborock S5 is your best choice, or your family uses this kind of carpet with similar height as me, we strongly recommend buying a Roborock sweeper. Finally, for the Roborock technology that is actually doing research and development, you can also pay for their professionalism, which has not changed much compared with other brands in one year. Yes, the Roborock is worth affirming! Also hope they can make better products later!

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