Ecovacs AIVI DG70 robot vacuum
(Last Updated On: November 21, 2019)

In recent years, one of the brands with the highest market share of floor robot vacuum is Ecovacs.I have continuously paid attention to a number of products of this brand, the famous Deebot series, such as Ecovacs Deebot N79S. The recently they released the latest flashship model AIVI DG70 floor sweeper robot vacuum, let’s take a look it.

Unlike other sweeping robot vacuum, this one has one camera for visual recognition. And there’s a water tank, with a mop function. For the sweeper robot vacuum, are these two new functions easy to use?

For a sweeping robot vacuum, the most important thing is its cleaning ability. We simulate the environment of our home, and put all kinds of garbage in the corners of the living room, including snacks, hair, paper, debris, etc. The whole living room looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a month, and then DG70 is released out.

DG70 has standard and strong suction modes. It’s easy to deal with all kinds of garbage on the ground. The cleaning ability can give a full score of five stars.

During cleaning, it is found that when encountering carpet, DG70 will recognize carpet, automatically increase wind pressure, absorb carpet garbage with great suction; recognize steps, back and adjust direction; recognize drapery curtain, cross soft obstacles; recognize wall corner, and clean along the edge.

In the actual measurement, we found that the robot’s walking position is very sensitive and it can easily avoid all kinds of problems. In particular, when facing the slippers, wires, socks and other objects, it will recognize and avoid intelligently, which is due to the aivi visual recognition technology of DG70 and LDS laser navigation and positioning.

AI vision recognition technology can clearly see the indoor ground conditions through the camera, encounter obstacles, intelligently identify the types of obstacles, and adopt different obstacle avoidance strategies to prevent one-way aspiration. Most low-end sweeping robots use random or gyroscopic route planning. Random routes are messy, which is equivalent to sweeping with eyes closed. It is certain that sweeping is not clean; a single gyroscopic route will also have deviation and missed sweeping. The cleaning route of DG70 is reasonable, and no leakage is found during the test.

In addition, the app can be used to complete the family environment mapping through 360° scanning and LDS distance measurement, and automatically divide into several areas according to the room, which can be cleaned one by one or selected to be cleaned separately. DG70 clearly knows the swept area and the unswept area. After power shortage and recharging or moving the machine, the sweeping robot continues to sweep the unswept area. You can also make a regular appointment through the app, enabling the cleaning mode anytime, anywhere.

In addition, it has more floor dragging function than other models, which is the dream function of many housewives. The fuselage is equipped with a 280ml water tank with a built-in supercharging and flow control device. The water seepage speed is controllable in the whole process, and the water speed is adjustable in four gears, which is effective and uniform. After the suction, the ground is dragged and rolled with a roller brush, and the ground garbage is cleaned twice. Measured down, according to my 146 square house type, add a water once can drag end, do not need to add water halfway.

In general, the Ecovacs DG70 can easily meet the requirements of daily home floor cleaning by sweeping and dragging.

Ecovacs DG70 has a similar model named Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 920, which is hot sale on, almost same features. Buy it now can save $100.

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