MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 4
(Last Updated On: May 9, 2017)

NEATO, with its SLAM intelligent laser guidance system and be the strongest competitor of IROBOT! Neato D80 is the representative product.

Neato Botvac D80, Best Effectively Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi, come from China, and be announced the Chinese Apple,  with its ecological chain of enterprises to do all the high quality of the production,  access to numerous reputation! Mi robot vacuum turned out, won numerous praise.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum, the Best Smart Robot Vacuum 2017

Today! Let’s play them together, the same bloody fight, to see who is best effective robot vacuum in the world!

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 1

Chapter 1 Design & Housing

NEATO D80,  semicircle rectangle, right angle of the front corner to facilitate cleaning.

MI Robot Vacuum, with irobot shape and Neato work mode.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 2

Both sides of the laser range sensor are in the same position, as well as the impact of the end of the slow punch.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 3

Both of laser scanning sensors are higher than platform, and charging contact is in the back. The vent hole of the Neato is in the middle of the charging contact, while the MI Robot Vacuum is at the sides.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 4

Because Neato D80 does not support wireless operation, so a more small screen than MI robot vacuum. Right side of laser scanning head. Neato D80 timing cleaning, time settings, etc. are all here.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 5

Both are lifted dust box. Neato D80 dust box is integrated with the upper cover, MI is a separate.

For the size of dust box, Neato D80 looks like bigger than MI about 1/4 to 1/3.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 6

The way to empty the garbage is different, Neato D80 must removed the filter first, MI can be opened on both sides.

Maybe it is not necessary to open both sides in normal use. It will remove the stick dust from the filter. But some lazy gay, only empty the dust box, not clean the filter every time. It is quite useful!

Both robot vacuum have high efficiency filter, but Neato filter to be thicker (0.3 microns to filter the dust).

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 7

The difference is larger at the bottom. Neato D80 roller in the front. More effective absorption of dust. The side brush and the rolling brush are arranged on the same straight line, and the garbage can be directly swept into the dust suction opening.

MI Robot Vacuum roller brush in the middle, because of the size constraints, only in the middle to get the longest suction space. At the same time, due to the limitation of the driving wheel, it will lead to lower efficiency than Neato. In the following actual combat can also prove this point.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 8

MI side brush is much larger than the Neato, while traveling in the direction of the front of the sucker,  large sports perimeter will sweep away the garbage, but also more dust inhalation. This may be to compensate for the defects of the shape of the circle to clean the dust of the dead corner.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 9

Neato roller brush to be significantly longer than MI, almost twice the latter. Before remove the roller brush , D80 need to get down the side brush. Side brush is fixed by magnetic force. Very easy to change.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 10

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 12

Both charging seats, in addition to slightly different in shape, the structure is almost the same.

Chapter 1 Summary

MI Robot Vacuum: beautiful housing design, easy to empty the dust box, similar functions as Neato D80.

Neato D80: more larger dust box, more longer roller brush.

Chapter 2 Actual Cleaning

First explain the scene, the scope of the cleaning limits in my home. And then set up a number of obstacles. The garbage is mainly Cassia (granular, smooth, heavy), paper (one large size paper, two pieces of a single and a group of paper), hard paper together with the bank receipt stack.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 13

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 14

The toy machines, lightly, easy to push, route and laser ranging can be recorded by the sweeping machine accuracy.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 15

The distance between toy box, garbage and small bench is a little narrower than the robot vacuum, but the garbage robot vacuum can’t push, a small bench can be easily pushed. There are 1.5 times distance between the small bench and garbage than the body of robot vacuum. There are cassia seed between these three things, used to test the intelligence of the road sweeper and laser ranging sensitivity.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 16

A movable chair, there are also some cassia seed under it.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 17

Angle corner garbage, used to test the degree of angle clearance performance (A little more cassia seed while D80 running…)

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 18

Wall garbage, used to test the effect of two robots on the wall cleaning.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 19

TV cabinet, there are a large number of wires and garbage below, used to test the ability of two robots winding protection while cleaning.

Now finish the scene explain, let’s action!

First of all, according to the MI APP display, cleaning area of 13 square, with a time of 15 minutes. While Neato D80 in the same area with 19 minutes.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 20

Can be seen from the MI APP on this sweeping map, the computer chair this is basically roller cleaning around each stool foot. Toy box here, garbage bins and toy boxes are also surrounded by cleaning, as the bench and toy excavator two sweeping machine are not seen as.

ps: Neato D80 can not support wireless APP, so MI Robot Vacuum looks more smart. If you want as smart as MI, select Neato Botvac Connected.

Sweeping is beginning…

Start with MI robot vacuum. 13 square meters of the room sweeping robot is divided into two regions, but the specific way is different.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 21

Through the mobile phone to start cleaning, first MI robot vacuum surround at the original place in the left turn, laser scanning for the surrounding environment, and then found the Neato D80 the outstanding enemy, no weapons in the hands of the case, he can only make the impact — (big mistake, here you need to cross)

MI robot started accelerating impact, I feel pain for D80…

Different with MI robot start from the left turn, D80 clean the room from the right side after scanning is completed (not photographed here).

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 22

Then MI went into the bottom of the TV cabinet, ignoring the number of wires directly into the roll out, no winding.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 23

D80 is slightly higher than that of MI, so the laser sensor will stop on the outside, the TV cabinet only D80 front in, because go deep enough, cassia seed have been swept away, and did not encounter the wound condition. ( video missing…)

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 24 MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 25

Then along the side of the tea table has been pushed to the sofa here, because the foot of the sofa is not high enough to go into, so, MI robot has been trying to drill into…

The D80 will also be similar to the collision, but the frequency and intensity is less than MI robot.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 26 MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 27

After clean the botton of sofa, MI direct access to the toy area, and clean all the cassia seed on the way. And then try to pass through the trash bin and the toy box, a slight impact on the toy box and find it is not the way, then turn back very quickly.

D80 also through collision to determine whether can push the obstacle, also swept a paper group. In addition, due to the size of the reasons, there is not flexible U-turn as MI while in the small space, and the tail has been tilted.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 28

MI go to the other end and try into the toy box and trash bin, fail, then try many times along the toy box, finally determine the impact boundary away (after the room, in the toy box location for the Middle District of cleaning.)

Although the D80 is partitioned clean (range similar as  MI), but did not like the way of MI robot, D80 scans the room started at the beginning of the planning well cleaning route, and modified in the road. By the way the MI algorithm is more precise, each one has its own merits, D80 will be on the part of repeat the cleaning area, resulting in the overall time. The actual time of the D80 more than 4 minutes than MI at this actual test. ( Maybe D80 cleans more clear…)

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 30 MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 29

Driving to the wall corner, MI began to go back a little, while brushing the cassia seed all away from the wall, and then vacuum cleaner to suck out most of the seed. Also because of the larger brush MI edge, so the scope of a wide range of cassia seed sweep, it may lead to sweep out the garbage to other difficult location to clean.

Wall cleaning, D80 is much better than MI, swept out of the little cassia seed, the vast majority have been absorbed.

At this point, MI has been divided into the first cleaning range (non linear area by collision to determine the scope), the scope of the clean-up began.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 32

Sweep back and forth in the region, at this time the scope of the cataract has been confirmed, the collision rarely occurred.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 33 MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 34

As to how to treat this toy excavators – two sweeper robot behaviors are similar.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 35 MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 36

For a piece of tissue paper, MI do not inhale into dust box (a total of three papers, MI only take one).

The same is a piece of tissue paper,  D80 absorption well. (three tissue paper, only one big doesn’t suck by D80).

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 37 MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 38

For the space of the five feet of the computer chair, MI did his best to clean it.

And D80 due to the size of the body, obviously hardly turn to in gap of the stool feet.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 39

Corner of the cleaning (MI did not do a record), D80 cleaned up the majority. As a word, it is more suitable of straight line shape better than the circular for cleaning corners.

Let’s see the result. (Left is MI robot, right is D80)

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 40 MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 41 MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 42 MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 43

For small dust, just like Cassia seed, MI is much cleaner. But D80 suction power is stronger, can absorb two big paper group.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 44

On both the dust box,  much more dust inside D80.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 45

D80 filter element. Because of the strong suction, the tissue has become a fragment. D80 can obviously feel strong suction when cleaning, this is a lot more than MI, of course, the corresponding noise to be larger.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 46

Cigarette butts have been sucked into the MI, was stuck in the rolling brush slot. And D80 was wrapped in a towel. Because of the large volume of paper towel, was stuck in the D80 mouth.

MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 47


MI Robot vacuum and Neato D80 48


Pros: excellent algorithm and precise intelligent laser navigation system. In almost the same time, D80 can clean the room more than MI. Powerful cleaning ability and suction can ensure the efficiency and results of cleaning. As a sweeping robot is really very good. A lot of replaceable parts. Even the battery can be replaced, which makes the life of the D80 extended.

Cons: no access to WIFI (Neato Botvac Connected support WIFI), can not be connected to the phone for remote operation, but also can not be like the general MI robot sweep records and supplies loss tips. Although only need to set up the first basic do not need manual intervention, but inevitably occasionally need to be done in non – setting time. Original roller brush is too expensive, too expensive!

MI robot vacuum

Pros: beautiful design, combined with the advantages of iRobot and neato. Good cleaning ability, the algorithm is better than most of the sweeping robot on the market. High cost performance, the original accessories is cheap. Into the Xiaomi ecological chain through APP easy control and intuitive to see the cleaning line

Cons: path planning also needs to be further strengthened, at this point, there is still a small distance from the Neato, laser sensor accuracy is not high, the compact to across some obstacle is too violent.

If you have a high level of cleanliness at home, and there are many types of garbage on the ground, you may need NEATO D80. He can satisfy your highest demand for family cleanliness.

The MI robot vacuum, able to achieve more than 90% efficiency with less price , covering most of the cleaning area, a high degree of intelligence, can meet the needs of the vast majority of families.



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