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Is the dust box full before the robot has finished sweeping? Do you have to empty the dust collecting box to make your hands dirty? Just want to sweep the kitchen and sweep the whole house? Did the machine stop working because the brush had been “mummified” by hair? It’s said that liberating hands is just for fun? If you are troubled by these troubles, you will come to the right place.

The dust was blowing while empty the dust collection box
A rolling brush wrapped in hair
IRobot Roomba i7 + robot vacuum with Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal

IRobot officially announced the launch of its new sweeping robot Roomba i7 + sweeping robot vacuum and clean base ™ Automatic Dirt Disposal System. This “revolutionary” new product is equipped with an automatic dust collection system, which also automates the dumping of garbage, so as to really liberate hands. In the past, when the dust box of the sweeping robot is full, you need to take out the garbage. If the Roomba i7 + dust box is full, it will automatically return to the automatic dust collection base. The garbage will be sucked into the disposable dust collection bag above the dust box. The whole process does not need your hands, so you do not have to think about sweeping and taking out the garbage for at least three or four months.

What’s more, Roomba i7 + uses an anti twining rubber brush. Pet hair and women’s long hair don’t need to worry about twining on it. It’s easy to maintain. What’s more, it can also specify room cleaning. Compared with the traditional sweeping robot, one sweeping is the whole room. This sweeping method “suits the case”, improves efficiency, and truly realizes intelligent planning sweeping.

IRobot Roomba i7 + robot vacuum with Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal

The iRobot Roomba i7 + sweeping robot and automatic dust collection system have been widely recognized by many international authoritative media and industries since they came into the market. It has been selected as one of the “2018 best inventions” by time magazine of the United States. In the CES consumer electronics exhibition in 2019, it won the “Innovation Award” and the sweeper in the German if design award in 2019 There are numerous awards in the category of artifact and human. The launch of Roomba i7 + sweeping robot and automatic dust collection system has undoubtedly set a new benchmark for the high-end sweeping robot market. Today we will share with you the experience of this product.

IRobot sweeping robot i7 +: automatically empties the dust collection box, and only needs to pour garbage three times a year

IRobot Roomba i7 + robot vacuum

The traditional sweeping robot always stops working because the dust box is full, so it has to intervene to dump the garbage. When dumping, the dust is all over the sky, which not only causes secondary pollution, but also makes the hands dirty. IRobot Roomba i7 + has the “secret weapon” – the automatic dust collection charging seat. In addition to charging the sweeping robot, it can automatically suck the dirt in the dust collection box of the sweeping robot into the closed disposable dust collection bag in the dust collection charging seat, firmly lock the dust, and avoid the secondary pollution caused by the dust flying when dumping the garbage.

After each cleaning or when the dust box is full, Roomba i7 + will automatically return to the charging stand, and the garbage in the dust box will be automatically inhaled into the disposable dust bag above through the pipeline, so as to prepare for the next cleaning.

Moreover, the disposable dust collection bag of Roomba i7 + can hold dust and dirt equivalent to the volume of 30 dust collection boxes. According to the frequency of cleaning the dust box once a time and cleaning twice a week, it can be used for 15 weeks, that is to say, a dust bag can be used for nearly 4 months. Only three dust bags are needed each year, which means that you only need to pour garbage three times a year, which is the real liberation of hands. Every time you take out the garbage, just take out a dust collecting bag and replace it. You will not have any contact with the dust in the whole process. It’s a good news for allergic people.

Large capacity disposable dust collection bag

In addition, Roomba i7 + can be connected to the app for control and more functions. For example, when the dust collection bag is full, the app will prompt you in time. Simply remove the dust bag from the automatic dust collection charging stand and replace it with a new one.

IRobot sweeping robot i7 +: simple and modern appearance, which can clean the bottom of the bed cabinet

IRobot Roomba i7 + robot vacuum

With strength, is the housing design worth enough? Sure enough! IRobot Roomba i7 + floor sweeper robot inherits iRobot’s consistent high-end modern appearance in appearance. With black body, it can be well integrated into the home environment. The height of the fuselage is 9.1cm. You can enter the low areas such as the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed and the bottom of the cabinet that we can’t clean at ordinary times. You know, these areas are the garbage disaster areas.

IRobot sweeping robot i7 +: intelligent planning, custom sweeping

Roomba i7 + also has a very practical function – the intelligent planning function of imprent. As we all know, the cleaning frequency requirements of different rooms are different. For example, the cleaning frequency of the kitchen and living room is higher. The traditional sweeping robot can’t specify the room to be cleaned. Originally, it is only a room that is dirty but needs the whole room to be cleaned, which is very time-consuming. The sprint intelligent planning function of Roomba i7 + can not only learn the layout of home, but also distinguish where is the kitchen and where is the living room, so that you can customize and refine the room cleaning according to your own needs at any time. It can intelligently learn and remember up to 10 different home plans, even for duplex apartments.

IRobot sweeping robot i7 +: avoid winding, clean and worry free

Double effect combination glue brush

In floor cleaning, the hair that can be seen everywhere is the biggest headache. The traditional sweeping robot uses the roller brush with hair, which will be twined by the hair every time, and even stop working. We need to use a knife to cut the twined hair one by one, which is very troublesome to maintain. Roomba i7 + is different. It uses a unique double effect combination of glue brush design, which can effectively prevent hair from twining. It can easily handle both pet hair and human hair.

In addition, the double main brushes of rubber material work together, which can effectively clean the floor, floor tiles, carpets and other types of floor. One rubber brush is responsible for peeling off the dirt, and the other is rotating in the opposite direction to sweep in the dirt. Unlike ordinary brushes, which are easy to bend and will miss dirt, the cleaning head of Roomba i7 + has a floating design, which can closely fit with the floor, as small as dust, as large as hair and debris, all of which are swept away.

IRobot sweeping robot i7 + custom cleaning test

Here, I believe that you have a preliminary understanding of Roomba i7 +, so in the actual measurement, how does it perform? Next, we enter the test phase.

The first thing to test is custom cleaning, which is a very worry free design. When you wake up in the morning to make breakfast, you can use the app to control Roomba i7 + to clean the living room where the melon seed skin was dropped last night, which benefits from the intelligent planning function of imprent. Let Roomba i7 + do 2-5 full house runs, it can draw intelligent map, then you can customize different areas for cleaning.

One botton to start from the APP
It’s beginning

In the test, we used the app’s intelligent map function to let Roomba i7 + clean the living room. It started from the charging seat to clean the living room, and we recorded its cleaning process.

From the cleaning path, it can be seen that Roomba i7 + first cleans horizontally according to the “bow shaped” route, then cleans vertically, and finally cleans along the edge, perfectly covering the whole space without dead corner.

IRobot sweeping robot i7 + anti winding test

Next, we are very concerned about the anti winding test. In order to let you see more intuitively whether Roomba i7 + can achieve anti twining, we put it on the transparent glass, place a bunch of hair in front of it, and then shoot the process of Roomba i7 + cleaning hair from the bottom.

Hair is not tangled

See? The hair is entangled in the dust box by the double effect combination glue brush, and it is not entangled on the glue brush. It can be seen that the design of Roomba i7 + can indeed prevent entanglement.

IRobot sweeping robot i7 + automatic dust collection test

The garbage is sucked into the dust bag from the dust box

As the highlight of Roomba i7 +, automatic dust collection is also to be tested. In the same way, we take pictures of the process of returning to the charging base after cleaning Roomba i7 + from the bottom through the glass. We can see that the garbage is sucked into the disposable dust collection bag of the charging base from the dust collection box, and the dust collection box is emptied in an instant. No need for your hands, so Roomba i7 + can continue to work!

IRobot sweeping robot i7 + garbage cleaning test

The basic function of sweeper robot is garbage cleaning. What is the cleaning effect of Roomba i7 + in real home environment? In the test, we spread corn dregs and hair on the floor and carpet respectively.

Roomba i7 + cleans the floor of corn dregs
Roomba i7 + sucks all the hair on the carpet into the dust box

See? A good robot vacuum! This is due to the advanced triple efficient cleaning system of Roomba i7 +, which includes a unique dual effect combination of glue brush and 10 times of great suction, which can clean dirt, debris and pet hair. In addition, Roomba i7 + also has the advanced dirt detect dirt detection technology, which can automatically identify the dirt concentration area through the sensor on the fuselage, automatically start the key cleaning, and ensure thorough cleaning. As a result, Roomba i7 + can be wiped out, whether it’s cornmeal on the floor or hair on the carpet.


We’ve experienced dozens of sweeping Robots before and after, but this iRobot Roomba i7 + sweeping robot let us know what kind of sweeping robot is really freeing our hands. In the past, the sweeper robot can’t do it.

This sweeping robot has several functions that make us stand out. First of all, it has its unique automatic dust collection function, which makes us no longer worry about dumping garbage. We only need to pour garbage three times a year. Second, it has its intelligent planning function, which enables the robot to learn intelligently and remember up to 10 different home plans, so that we can clean which room we want to clean. Finally, it can clean which room we want to clean The design of double effect combination glue brush can effectively prevent hair from twining, which is very convenient.

With the addition of these functions, Roomba i7 + has a wider applicable population. Its disposable dust collection bag can firmly lock the garbage and allergens, which is a great design for the elderly, children and allergic people at home. With cats and dogs at home and friends who are bothered by hair, Roomba i7 + double effect combination glue brush can effectively prevent hair from twining. Lazy cancer terminal friends do not need to worry, it can let you four months without emptying the dust box. For efficiency seekers, Roomba i7 + can follow your direction and only clean specific rooms. Roomba i7 + is very easy to use and does not need too much maintenance. The real intelligent robot should be like this. It serves you, not you. What do you think? Buy iRobot Roomba i7+ at amazon.com.

Buy iRobot Roomba i7+ at amazon.com.

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