v3s vs v3s pro 1
(Last Updated On: July 6, 2017)

The famous robot vacuum brand iLife updated the V series product. With the same price and more powerful function, Vx Pro series is the best choice now. What is the update? As we know, iLife V3s is the hot sale and Amazon’s Choice robot vacuum in the market, and be called the best quiet and smallest robot vacuum . iLife V5s is the Best Complex Function Robot Vacuum, ILIFE V5s robot vacuum cleaner with water tank mop.

V3s vs V3s Pro

The most important update is AirAway Technology. The V3s Pro robot vacuum is packed with powerful suction that could easily pick up dirt, hair, grime, peanuts and crumbs. The AirAway technology double Hepa filters separate dirt and debris effectively to keep suction power longer with less clogging, meanwhile let out fresh air. So you can rest assured of pets shedding and
naughty to enjoy a clean and fresh home.

v3s vs v3s pro

V3s pro is a model specially for families who keep pets. Its slim body design and pet hair care technology help thoroughly clean every corner in your house, saving more time for you to enjoy happy time with your family and pets.

Enhanced fade-free battery extend V3s pro’ running time up to 140 minuts.

With extra large RoadRover wheels, crossing obstacles from room to room become more stable and easy.

v3s vs v3s pro 1

Your dogs and cats shed almost through the year and could be everywhere on floors of every room, let alone the mess left by the naughty pets. It’s a continuous work to handle. You need a helper that can easily clean up when
you are busy and be friendly with them. Ilife V3s Pro is the ONE!

V5s vs V5s Pro

ilife v5s vs v5s pro

3 improvements from V5s to V5s pro

Advanced i-dropping technology makes mopping more efficient and reliable.
Larger roadrover wheels with self-rescue technology freedomly goes over uneven flooring.Enhanced fade-free battery extend V5s pro’ running time up to 140 minuts.

v5s vs v5s pro

i-Dropping technology water tank intelligently enables precise wet mopping once the robot moves and stops water dropping when robot stay still.This helps greatly to keep the balance of the water consumption and keep preventing any existing danger by over watering to the robot vacuum.

Equipped with enhanced brushless motor, iLife V5s Pro gets 5x more powerful suction under max mode on different floors like hardwood, tile and laminate to generate better performance.

Front obstacle sensors with Tpu bumper let V5s pro avoid barrier and protect your furniture.A suit of cliff sensors keep the robot from falling off stairs.
Barrier-cross for height of 10mm max, while climbing for 15 degree max.
Automatically docks and recharges, and is always ready to clean.

Overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tasks of the day-cleaning, cooking, childcare, more cleaning? Less economical buying 2 machines sweeping and mopping floor separately? Now you are relieved with V5s Pro vacuuming and mopping 2 in 1 hybrid vacuum cleaner, save free time for family, save money for better life.

V7s vs V7s Pro

Compare v3s pro and v5s pro, V7s pro has similar improvement, such as more strong battery and i-Dropping technology.

v7s vs v7s pro

Smart dust bin detection technology alerts you incase the dust bin is forgotten to be inserted, it prevents the robot from sucking dirts into the body to cause demage.

V7s Pro is updated with two cleaning patterns, vacuuming and mopping.
Vacuuming with combo brush, dirt and dust are easily rolled up and sucked into the dust bin. Mopping with microfiber cloth, stains and grimes are wiped off effectivly.

Water tank and dust bin 450ML dust bin and water tank, twice larger than other robots, cover a cleaning area over 2100 Sqft.


ILife V Pro version, updated to much more smart and longer battery life, with bigger wheels size, and the PRICE is SAME. It is quite cost effective.

It is time to buy it on Amazon.com with free shipping!!


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