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Seeing this question, does it feel strange? Isn’t it easy to buy things on Amazon, and why need analysis? Many people shop on Amazon because it is convenient, there are many choices, and the quality is good. But do you really know how to shopping on Amazon, especially buying a product that you haven’t used before? This article takes the recently popular sweeping robot vacuum as an example, and summarizes how to buy a robot vacuum on Amazon.

Step 1. Know what is the robot vacuum, the product.

Don’t look at me with strange eyes again, buy a sweeping robot vacuum, don’t ME know what it is? !! Yes, you need to buy it, but you must first understand several characteristics of robot vacuum: 1. Frequent use; 2. Parts need to be replaced after a while; 3. Belonging to high-tech products; 4. Different characteristics, different use occasions, such as need to clean the carpet or need MOP function? Let me elaborate again on the differences in buying behavior caused by these features:

1. Frequent use. This is not a decoration, but a product that is frequently used daily, so the quality requirements are high. Based on this feature, it is recommended to buy market-tested brands and products, and it is best not to buy unknown brands and the latest listed products. The best way is to checking Amazon reviews, especially bad reviews.

2. Parts need to replaced. You need to ensure that these replacement accessories can be obtained in a relatively simple way, or can be purchased directly on Amazon.

3. High-tech products. We all know that the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, and the high-tech products are updating very fast. So we can’t buy products that have been on the market for many years. Maybe their quality is very good. They rank very high on Amazon and are highly praised. However, the high-tech products are not recommended to buy the ones with the most reviews, because their features are often behind.

4. Usage scenarios. It’s easy to understand that there are different requirements for the robot vacuum, such as whether there are pets at home, many carpets or not, whether the room furniture is easy placement, etc. For example, your home environment is very simple, with hard floors and no pets, and there is not much furniture, so it’s enough to buy a basic simple version of the robot vacuum, no need to spending more budget to buy many powerful products.

The above four points are just the most basic characteristic requirements. After knowing these, how to choose your favorite robot vacuum on Amazon?

Step 2. Check the Best Sellers in Robotic Vacuums on Amazon

If you don’t know where to find the best sellers in Robotic Vacuums on Amazon, just click the following link: Best Sellers in Robotic Vacuums.

Then you will find top 100 best sellers in this list.

The list of Best Sellers in Robotic Vacuums on 2020/02/15, will change every day
The list of Best Sellers in Robotic Vacuums on 2020/02/16

Yes, the list changes every day, but it won’t change much, so it’s worth referring to. This choice of most people can reduce our energy investment, especially the top ranked and high praise score.

Step 3. Just Check the Top 20

According to the editor’s suggestion, it’s enough to analyze the top 20 robotic vacuums, which basically covers the required product model. Of course, maybe the product you want to buy is not included in it. It doesn’t matter. You can add the object you want to buy into the later analysis steps. If there is time, it is recommended to make a comparison table of TOP20 robotic vacuums, and then select the most appropriate products. The editor has spent some time and simply listed the characteristics comparison table of top 20 products for reference.

Table1: TOP20 Best Sellers Robotic Vacuum on Amazon

NoBrandModelLaunch DateRate numRate ScorePrice Level
3EcovacsDeebot 92020192364.2350
4eufy11S MAX201910104.5200
16EcovacsDeebot N79S201888143.9200
19EcovacsDeebot 500201923514.2200

Table2: TOP20 Best Sellers Robotic Vacuum Main Features

NoRuntimesSmart MapsAPP ControlSuction PowerOthers
2100mNoNo1300Pa2.85″ Slim
0.6L Dustbin
675mYesYes5x 600seriesNA
1190mNoYes5x 600seriesNA
1275mYesYes10x 600seriesSelf Empty Base
1390mYesYes1400PaSelf Empty Base
17120mNoNo1600PaBoost Intellect
20120mYesYes40x 600seriesSelf Empty Base

There are 6 models of iRobot, 3 models of Ecovacs, eufy, Roborock and Coredy, just 1 model of GOOVI and Shark.

Step 4. Select Model from the TOP20 List

Let’s go over Step 1 again, and take a look at the four principles for choosing a sweeping robot vacuum.

First, let’s delete the two small brands GOOVI and Shark. -2

Then, cut the two old models which launch date in 2016 of iRobot. -2

Next, forget the two rate scores which below 4.0. -2

Next, it is very important of suction power, this means how clean the floor can be. So make a level at 1500Pa, then 5 models is dispeare. -5

11 Models is cut, only 9 model still alive. Now, we should make decision which features do you prefer. For robot vacuum, not only clean all kinds of ground, but also hope that it can run to all places without leaving out some hidden changes. Be a high tech product, Visual and Smart Maps is become more and more popular, so it is better to select the Smart Maps with Laser Sensor models. -5

Now there are only four survivors left:

Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 920 and Mop , Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum , iRobot Roomba i7+ 7550 Robot Vacuum , Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop.

How to select the last one for you, should think about the other features. Such as need Mopping or Self Clean Base. Maybe you have a doubt that what is my last favour, so I will choose Roborock S4! Why? Two factors:

Cheapest. Similar features, good brand and service, I will choose the cheapset!

Don’t pay any more budgst to the features which maybe looks good but not very useful. In my experience, most of the mopping with sweeping is not very effective, not same as the product especially for mopping.

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