Ecovacs Benebot 3
(Last Updated On: September 20, 2017)

In 2017 robotics conference, Ecovacs has released a new generation of air cleaning robot Atmobot AA3, robot vacuum Deebot DG3 , wireless window cleaning robot Winbot WA3, and public commercial service robot Benebot 3.

Ecovacs new 4 products

Robot Vacuum has become the world’s highest popularity of home service robot products. In 2016, Ecovacs sold more than 2 million sweeping robot. At present, the development of sweeping robot industry is very fast, intelligent planning, sweeping, towing and other advanced technology to solve the ground cleaning problems. But the whole sweeping robot industry has developed so far, there are still some pain points which hard to completely solve. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, there should be a solution in the next one to two years.

Ecovacs walk in the forefront of the robot industry innovation always adhere to user needs as the core, to explore the use of how to provide users with better products, better experience.

Atmobot AA3

Atmobot air purifier robot is born with moving. Combined with air purifier and robot vacuum technology, Atmobot is a moving air purification robot.

Atmobot aa3 2

Atmobot AA3 has four robot attributes, perception, thinking, decision-making and action. The environment perception system is the strongest, this system consists of LDS laser scanning, 6 groups of high precision infrared ranging module, 5 sets of ultrasonic sensing, integrated collision system. Atmobot AA3 is the first product with application of 8m LDS system, in any corner of the room can see the outline of the room, to do a second scan, full house coverage. Equipped with 6 sets of high-precision infrared ranging module, can be omnidirectional, without dead angle to detect the front environment. LDS, infrared, ultrasonic sensors and other powerful sensor array, so that air purification robot formed a unique indoor environment based identification of purification programs.

Atmobot aa3 3

From the authoritative test data, the purification efficiency of mobile purification is 20% higher than that of traditional fixed position purification products. Similarly, the purification of 120 square meters of house, Atmobot is faster 20 minutes than the traditional air purifier. For at least 6 work cycles per day, users who use the Atmobot breathe more than 2 hours of fresh air each day, and breathe more than 60 hours a month.

Deebot DG3

DG3 is the latest upgrade of Deebot 9 series, the first application of Cortex-A9 processor in the robot vacuum, quad core processor of this widely used mobile phone, intelligent computer, automotive, aerospace and other leaders. DG3 make a great leap in intelligence, the new generation of global planning — Smart Navi 2, real time located in perfect LDS laser scanning and SLAM algorithm under the cooperation, the rapid establishment of Home Furnishing map, but also intelligent partition.

Deebot 1
Deebot DG3

DG3 another surprise is that the ability to identify intelligent ground, switch big suction mode with carpet ground automatically , wet dragged carpet, independent avoidance, to solve carpet cleaning pain point. At the same time, the application of Cortex-A9 processor, also let sweeping robots in the future may have more: such as voice recognition, visual recognition, let robot understand.

Deebot Series is hot sale in, such as Deebot N79, which is the Amazon Best Seller and Editor Choice product, and has 100 USD price discount. Right time to get one:

Deebot N79
ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, for Low-pile Carpet, Hard floor, Wi-Fi Connected.

Someone said:

“This is our third attempt at a robo vac. A Roomba 960 kept getting trapped in corners in our family room, so it went back. A Neato was doa, so also a return. This one is a keeper.”

Winbot WA3

In 2011, Ecovacs launched the world’s first window cleaning robot Winbot series, will be extended to the home service robot to a new field. The appearance of Winbot solves the complicated problem of window cleaning. However, there are still some pain points, such as the limits of the length of the power line and the location of the socket, and the problem of fewer sockets at home.

Winbot W950
Winbot W950 Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

Starting from this pain point, Ecovacs launches robot wireless Winbot WA3. From wired to wireless, let the Winbot get rid of the shackles, the efficiency becomes higher, especially in the outside windows environment, wireless embodies the advantages of the most incisive.

Winbot WA3
Winbot WA3

Behind the wired to wireless, there are four core upgrades, including power source upgrades, fan upgrades, layout upgrades and material upgrades. After a full range of upgrades, wireless Winbot WA3, have greatly improved on operational, intelligent and clean efficiency. You will find that cleaning windows is such a simple thing, all you have to do is to press it lightly.

Benebot 3

In the “to be a robot useful to the user” principle, a new generation of Benebot 3 around the needs of potential users, do a lot of investment and innovation in the motion platform, artificial intelligence application system architecture, such as the three core technology planning.

Ecovacs Benebot 3
Ecovacs Benebot 3

Benebot 3 using a robot platform which Ecovacs independent research and development, give full consideration to the various types of shopping centers, business hall and other large commercial needs of the use of the environment. At the same time, Benebot 3 fusion of artificial intelligence technology and scene depth, intelligent voice interaction and face recognition technology based on the interaction with the robot can not only enhance the customer experience, but also help high precision marketing. In addition, Benebot 3 also with superior based system architecture, greatly promote the robot in different industries landing and application.

Ecovacs Benebot 3 1

From the direction of application in the retail, financial, government and other industries. Robots will be able to do precision marketing, customer service and reception, secretarial and data management and other professional job functions, to further promote the commercial service robot from single to multi domain entertainment marketing professional service evolution, become true partners.

At present, all commercial service robots are in a state of loss. The main reason is that the performance of the service robot has not been comparable to that of a real employee. The future is still very long.

Take a look at while Ecovacs amazing product there.

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