(Last Updated On: July 6, 2017)

The famous robot vacuum brand iLife released the newest product iLIFE A6. From the appearance, performance and other aspects have been greatly improved from A4. To slim and quiet on the road farther and farther, beyond other manufacturers. ILIFE A6 is the slimmest robot vacuum in the world until now.

ilife A6 16

New Fashion Slim Design

ilife A6 1

At before, the slimmest robot vacuum is iLife A4 and V3s which is 3 inches. Now A6 slim to 2.8 inches, can go much more space in the room.

Slim and sleek. Tempered glass top cover in new jet black finishes. Breathing indicator.

ilife A6 22

CyclonePower™ system, Powerful Clean Capacity

iLife A6 25

Gen 2 Motor, Silent and Strong Suction Power

ilife A6 4

the advanced spinning side brush sweep debris into the path to catch dirt and dust hiding along the walls. High-grade spiral brush extracts dirts hard to clean,and the powerful suction absorbs the rest. Together it ensures nowhere for dirt in hard to reach places.

ilife A6 5

The Gen 2 motor generates up to 10X the air power on carpets & rugs, every floor stypes and even more. Like as 1000pa suction power.

ilife A6 6

With deep cleaning Bladeaway spiral blad rubber brush,it’s not only related to the high-powered dirt pickup capability, it’s about all floor surfaces tasks handled.

Easy to pass

ilife A6 7

With extra large RoadRover wheels, crossing obstacles from room to room become more stable and easily.

Longer Battery Life

iLife A6 7

Up to 160 Mins working time on a single charge over all other robot vacuums, cleaning more areas with less recharging to extend the lifespan of battery.

The iLife A4 and V3s only have 120 Mins working time. One charge, no other trouble to disturb your life.

As motion, with the gen 2 Energy Base charging station enhanced the charging rate. But we don’t know how much improved.

The other features, such as schedule, pattern, Max Mode, virtual wall… no attractive features improved any more.

Comparison Table

ilife A6 24

The score of robot vacuum capacity:

clean capacity 9.5
filter capacity 8
durable 9
navigation 9
dirt detect 6
cliff detect 10
pattern 6
dust bin 8.5
run time 9.5
smart level 7
noise level 9.5
price 9.5
total score 101.5

*Every item has the best score 10, total score is 120.


  • slim
  • quiet
  • cheap
  • more powerful suction
  • longer working time


  • weak pattern and navigation capacity


ILIFE A6 is not a new era product compare A4, just details improved. Such as the Gen 2 Motor, much slimmer, longer battery working time. Unfortunately, the smart level and navigation technology is common as before. But think about the low level price, the A6 maybe the best choice of robot vacuum for normal use in daily life.

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