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Maybe some people will be confused with the name iLIFE?! Is it belong to Apple? Not exact. ILIFE belongs to a Chinese company which called Chuwei. But the performance and feature is not inferior to iRobot and Neato. ILIFE V3s is a little vacuum robot with powerful cleaning ability and easy operation. Only need to touch the “clean” button, the ILIFE V3s will work automatically and make the dust, pet hair and dirt disappear from your floor, Keeping your home everyday clean. It is the best quiet and smallest robot vacuum.

iLIFE V3s 1

All the essential features about robot vacuum, such as auto-charge, auto clean, cliff detection, sensor navigation, HEPA filter, etc… iLIFE V3s has them! And more size can clean more space which others not, and more silence keep you reading while it is cleaning.

The main features:

  • Working on floors: wood/tile/marble/thin carpet
  • Specially designed small and slim to clean under beds, sofas and other hard-to-reach places. Dirty has no place to hide
  • Vacuuming sweeping mopping all in one for entirely thoroughly cleaning, with pet hair care technology, V3s does efficient work on picking up various hairs, help you enjoy more great time with your pets.
  • Convenient Scheduling —means you can set anytime as ILIFE V3s’ working time, which allows it to work when you sleep or go out.


iLIFE V3s 3

Traditional design as Beatles, Powerful Clean Capacity.

ILIFE V3s is round style which likes iRobot Roomba series. But it is much smaller, only 13*3(D*H) inches, means can clean much lower furniture, like bed, sofa and cabinet. But the dirt bin capacity is too small, only 0.3L. The airflow is about 600Pa, similar like the common hand held vacuum cleaner. Two edge brushes, give more effectively clean capacity.

iLIFE V3s 12

Auto Charge, no Need to Worry about the Run Time.

The battery storage is not huge, but run time can up to 2Hours. When the battery level reaches 20%, it will back to the charge base.

iLIFE V3s 9

Four Pattern inside, Clean as Your Wish.

Auto, Spot, Edge and scheduling, four cleaning modes. According to the ground environment, automatic adjust to cleaning work. If detect the wall, automatically become the Edge pattern. Spot cleaning, suitable for dust disaster areas. Scheduling, make an appointment to clean up from a given time.

iLIFE V3s 10

OBS All Terrain Detection System, 14 Optical Sensors

With 14 optical accurate sensors, walk freely in the dense wire, obstacle and other harsh terrain environment, without manual interfere, and have the function of preventing collision and cliff to the stairs.

iLIFE V3s 7

Amazing Silent Technology

The industry’s first vortex noise reduction technology, enjoy the new experience of intelligent home appliances. To achieve the library level 55dB mute standard, easy to reading, sleeping which cleaning.

iLIFE V3s 11

ILIFE has another two models:V5s and V7, V5s support water dust cabinet, humidification and dust removal, exchange from robotic vacuum to robotic mop. V7 has APP control, watch and schedule the robot vacuum anywhere anyplace. But I think V3s is much more effectively, simple is better, right?

Some comments from the customers:

Overall, it’s easy to dump out the dirt and mini legos from the trap, and there aren’t as many annoying brushes to have to pull hair out of after every cleaning cycle (boo Roomba!), leaving me more time to do the important things in life, like heckling my dog.”

I have all wood floors and rugs works great!! Love it..my dogs don’t even care.. Great product”

Easy to use. It’s exactly what I needed. We have hardwood floors and a dog so we get hairballs in the corners a lot. I let this run everyday and it picks up a ton of stuff. It’s really easy to empty the bin. It does get easily stuck on cords, but if you pick those up it has no problems. We have a small area rug and it does great with that.”

For my personal comments, it is much better than iRobot Roomba 650, similar clean capacity, but cheaper price, more quiet, and much effectively to hang fee of pet hair. If much smart to detect dirt, the iLIFE V3s is perfect.

 The score of robot vacuum capacity:


clean capacity


filter capacity






dirt detect


cliff detect




dust bin


run time


smart level


noise level




total score


*Every item has the best score 10, total score is 120.


Easy To Use

Cleans under Furniture




Edge Pattern not Accurate

Get Stuck on Carpet

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Another great news, iLife update all of the V series robot vacuum to V Pro, much more powerful vacuum performance, similar price:

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