Robot Vacuum Tips


iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot 3For the public, the robot vacuum is no stranger to the home appliances, it is based on the traditional vacuum cleaner upgrade, so that we have to clean up the ground to bid farewell to the artificial. Machine is easy to use, but how to buy? Cleaning capacity, route planning, endurance capacity and so on are important standards to measure the robot vacuum. Today let’s see its purchase points. Best Reviews will help you to create health technical life.  See the Details…

Top 10 Robot Vacuum Brand in the World, Mother’s Exclusive Intelligent “Baymax”


The mothers are always busy with housework, can get away? Robot vacuum can automatically clean the rooms. The work is comprehensive, meticulous, so that mothers feel more effort and caring. Give mother a captive “Baymax”. Take her the intelligent home clean experience.

Microsoft Bing search based on the 4 billion and 100 million times per month to search the global behavior, to find the perfect robot vacuum who knows her, to enjoy the clean housework.

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How to Choose Intelligent Robot Vacuum Roll Brush?

neato-botvac-d-series-brush-kitThe birth of intelligent sweeping machine basically solved the problem of sweeping dust, because the sweeping robot vacuum suction port components close to the ground, the dust has been into the stomach before raise on the air. Fine side brush,roll brush can slot into the ground cracks, dig and eat the fine dust. Today to bring you the topic of how to choose the rolling brush of intelligent sweeping robot vacuum.

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Infographic of 5 Keys to Pick up the Best Robot Vacuum

5-key-to-pick-up-the-best-robot-vacuum-short-infoHow to choose the best and right robot vacuum? 5 Keys to Pick up!


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