ILIFE X5, Virtual Wall, No Disturbing

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2016)

Somehow, We do not want the robot vacuum go to some place, such as kitchen and washing room. Without virtual wall technology, you should close the door. Or you play with your baby and do not want robot vacuum to interrupt you.

Now iLIFE have a new product named X5 which support virtual wall technology, enjoy the free happy time from now. ILIFE can provide high quality and low price which only about 1/3 of the irobot roomba. Just one year from 2015, ILIFE X5 hot sale all over the world about 2 millions!

Virtual Wall

Virtual wall is one of components of iLIFE X5, which can manage the area robot cleans. When the robot gets close to the infrared ray it emits, the robot would turn around. Virtual wall brings more convenience in people’s daily life:

X5 will not burst into the room where baby is playing
X5 will not fight with pets for food
X5 will not move to the kitchen or balcony to hit objects
X5 will not enter the room to scratch expensive decoration
Adjustable Suction Level

ILIFE X5 has a suction level which ranges from 550Pa to 850Pa, and the original suction level is preseted as 550Pa. 550Pa is used for daily clean, while “MAX” 850Pa for deeper clean. Now some robot vacuum can support 1000Pa suction level, such as ILIFE T4 and X4 series. The proscenic jazzs series suction power up to 1200Pa! So X5 suction level is not powerful, but maybe reasonable. As usual, 800Pa suction level is enough for most application scenario. Low suction level means low noise level.


3 Cleaning Modes

Auto cleaning mode cleans home automatically and does a clean to places it can reach.Spot cleaning mode is used to clean an area of highly concentrated dust.Edge cleaning mode cleans edges and corners.
With remote control, you can manage the direction by the direction key. Some powerful robot vacuum can support column cleaning mode with GPS or Gyro navigation, so X5 is not much strong at this function. Back to the low price, maybe it is suitable.


Mopping Function

With water tank and mop, iLIFE X5 can do cleaning and mopping both. 100ML water can mop a small single room, while 300ML a 1600sqft room. In mopping mode, the working noise lowers to 40dB, quite silent without any disturbing.

Irobot will never suppot vacuum and mopping at the same time, you need buy two machines to support the vacuum and mopping. Most iLIFE robot vacuum can support deeper vacuum and mopping at one machine, only to change the suction box to water tank. It can save cost more than 100 usd!


Touch Screen

Equipped with LCD, X5 has an advantage which clearly displays operation interface, realizing easy operation.


Schedule Mode

Keep up with every day mess, no dirty floor again! Schedule X5 in advance, it will clean home automatically every day, at a specific time, even if nobody is at home.


With 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, and automatic re-charge function, no need to worry about the working time. Just make schedule once,  working without any attention.


The score of robot vacuum capacity:
clean capacity 8.5
filter capacity 8
durable 9
navigation 8
dirt detect 7.5
cliff detect 10
pattern 7
dust bin 8
run time 9
smart level 7.5
noise level 10
price 9.5
total score 102

*Every item has the best score 10, total score is 120.


Multi function



Support virtual wall


Not support column navigation, without GPS or G-sensor

Not same small and thin as V3s and V5s, a little big


Conclusion, in a word:

Virtual Wall + iLIFE V5s = iLIFE X5. You can buy it with very cheap price at (much cheaper than irobot roomba series with similar features):

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