How to Choose Intelligent Robot Vacuum Roll Brush?

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2016)

The birth of intelligent sweeping machine basically solved the problem of sweeping dust, because the sweeping robot vacuum suction port components close to the ground, the dust has been into the stomach before raise on the air. Fine side brush, roll brush can slot into the ground cracks, dig and eat the fine dust. Today to bring you the topic of how to choose the rolling brush of intelligent sweeping robot vacuum.

brush of roomba 700 series

Look at the shape of the rolling brush

Sweeper roll brush has the shape of “–” and “V”. The different shape is not for beauty, but from the science of mechanics principle. If the vacuum cleaner motor is not strong enough, a “–” shaped roller brush is likely to be thrown out the dust of the machine, not clean at all. The “V” shaped brush has gathered, the dust is not easy to disperse, so it will not be thrown out of the machine, no need to bother you two times cleaning.

Length and density

Different brand sweeping robot vacuum, even if the clean time is the same, the results are very different. Why? Roller brush different! The rolling brush is longer, per unit time cleaning area is larger; the bristles denser, fine dust is not easy to be missed. As a result, the result is quite different from the nature.

brush of roomba 600 series
Brush hair thickness

Believe that careful observation of life, you have such experience: the finer of the teeth brush hair, the more easily penetrate the teeth gap, easier clean the teeth. Similarly, sweeping machine rolling brush hair thickness also determines its ability into the ground cracks, dust in the cracks will be clean. Therefore, the selection of the fine brush hair sweeping machine is correct!

neato botvac d series brush kit
Whether the cleaning is convenient

If the sweeping machine also has trouble, the most annoying thing is to clean up the hair on the brush. The inferior brush clean the dust while long hair and pet hair tightly wrapped. In order not to affect the normal use, you have to pull out the dirty brush and clean the messy hair with a blade cleaning tool, dirty hands and dangerous, sweeping machine lost “convenience” in the mind!

So, do you know how to choose rolling brush of robot vacuum? Rolling brush is one of the key important part of robot vacuum, show the clean ability of the sweeping machine.

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