Dyson 360 Eye is the Most Powerful Robotic Vacuum, Aristocracy From the British

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2016)

With eighteen years and nearly $50 million dollar investment, Dyson finally announced the first robotic vacuum in Japan: “Dyson 360 Eye“. The company said twice the suction of any other robot vacuum, with 360 degree triangulation, did not miss any one corner of the environment. It is the perfect combination of intelligent robot and excellent cleaner. The good news is that in September 11th Dyson 360 Eye will be sold on amazon.com, and now accept reservations, the price less than $1000.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 1

In order to provide true dust cleaning capacity, Dyson had to make a miniature of his patented cyclone technology, and found a way to balance the suction and endurance. And to be separated with their digital energy saving motors V2 which is small and light to generate powerful suction, which means it can absorb excess particles, can be as small as 0.5 microns. Cyclone technology is the most important difference between the 360 Eye and other robot vacuum on the market. It provides a more powerful suction, but the result is more high body – which means it can not get into the gap between the bottom of some furniture.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 9

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 12

Just as its name implies, Dyson 360 Eye has the top of a group of infrared sensor and 360 degree panoramic camera lens combination, to help it to” see “your house, to carry out the route of self-recognition and to develop appropriate and effective cleaning route. 360 Eye the main sensor is the top 360 degree camera. It’s able to take an annular video of the surrounding environment, and look for prominent objects and structures – corners, paintings, and wall sockets – and use them to generate a map. Then it will be used to view the relative position for triangulation, with the front of a pair of infrared sensors to avoid obstacles. At any time, it can make sure that back to the charging station before the completion of the work.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 14

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 11

From the picture we can find that 360 Eye can across through some steps by the self-recognition. Due to adhere to the cyclone technology, it reached a height of 12 cm, while the Roomba 980 is only 9 cm. If the height is lowered, the efficiency of the cyclone technology will be greatly decreased. 360 Eye is indeed high, but the width is smaller than most competitors. Its diameter is 22.8 cm, compared to 35.5 cm Roomba 980 is indeed more narrow.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 7

Strong suction is also a burden of longevity. 360 Eye single charges can work for about 45 minutes, while the Roomba 980 and Deebot 80 working-life is close to 2 hours. But Dyson charging time is also shorter, after charging it can automatically continue to clean the house, the total time to clean up the room without any different. In addition, a high body also allows it to accommodate a larger capacity of the dust bin, and use of cyclone technology, separation of dirt and dust, it also reduces the frequency of clean up the dust storage.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 8

We can see the vacuum compressor occupied most of the vacuum space, can be said that such a design would not let garbage cleaning brush clean the dust to somewhere else, but directly strong adsorption, so as to achieve the best cleaning effect. Due to a high body of restriction, 360 Eye can not be drilled at the bottom of some furniture. If this is one of the important reasons why you buy a robot vacuum, it probably doesn’t suit you. But in the overall cleanliness of the above, 360 Eye can be very good to cover the corners and walls, and even take into some corners which the Roomba will miss. And the existence of the cyclone dust bin and the double filter function also allows it to leave less the fine debris.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 10

Like other Dyson products, 360 Eye also has the Dyson brand advantages: sharp design, strong core technology, market leading performance. Dyson focus on their core technology: strong the suction of clean capability and intelligence to self-charging and route design.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 4

Some key features from Dyson:

  • Twice the suction of any robot Vacuum – The Dyson digital motor V2 is small and light to generate powerful suction.
  • The 360 eye vision system can see all around your room at once to intelligently map out and navigate your home. It calculates a systematic cleaning pattern so it knows where it’s been and where it’s yet to clean.
  • The Dyson link app, available on iOS or android, gives you the ability to control, schedule, and analyze data from your Dyson 360 Eye robot.
  • Radial Root cyclone technology separates dirt and dust, to make sure what is sucked up is kept in the bin.
  • A full-width brush bar provides maximum floor coverage and edge-to-edge cleaning across hard floors and carpets with nylon and carbon fiber bristles.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum 13

Some comments from the users:

I love watching Pickles clean. It comes racing up to the wall and I am just waiting for it to slam into the wall, when it suddenly brakes and turns. I am very impressed with how quickly and accurately the robot is figuring out my house. It isn’t perfect, sometimes it goes up the slight incline to clean my bathroom floor, and sometimes it skips that room. Sometimes it tries to climb up my fireplace hearth, and sometimes it realizes that the hearth is just too high to manage. It also bumps into the same piece of furniture over and over sometimes, but it seems like the robot learns as it goes and so it is managing my house a little better each time. The cleaning also seems to speed up as the robot learns your house.

The score of robot vacuum capacity:

Dyson 360 Eye
clean capacity 10
filter capacity 10
durable 6
navigation 9
dirt detect 7
cliff detect 10
pattern 8
dust bin 9
run time 6
smart level 8
noise level 8
price 7
total score 98

*Every item has the best score 10, total score is 120.


  • Powerful Suction and Clean Capacity
  • Route Design
  • Bigger Dustin Bin
  • Narrow Size


  • High Price
  • High Body
  • Get Stuck Sometimes
  • Short running time
  • Can not work under dark

More information and Pre-order at amazon.com.

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