Best Complex Function Robot Vacuum, ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank Mop

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

How to ensure the room is absolutely clean? In general, we will vacuum it first, and then drag or mop it again. The traditional robot vacuum also has the function of mopping, such as iLife V3s or V5, but their mopping function is not thorough enough, because it is just a piece of rag, even lead the clean areas to secondary pollution by the dirty rag. The best choice is sweeping the floor when the concentration of sweeping, later on drags it alone. Then we need to purchase two robots, sweeping and mopping? Certainly not, iLife revolutionary introduce V5s, sweeping and mopping integrated into a robot. After sweeping the floor, through the replacement of the inside of the dust cabinet into a water tank immediately switch to completely mopping the floor model, perfectly solves the problem, for you to save a large sum of money. ILIFE V5s, the best complex function robot vacuum in the world.

iLife V5s 3

The main features of V5s:

  • New powerful motor with max mode and pet hair technology picks up furs, debris, dust and dirty easily and efficiently
  • Innovated water tank brings an auto damp moping spa for hard wood floor
  • Automatically docks and recharge; programmable scheduling, less working noise
  • Small slim light design and smart sensors ensure ILIFE V5s goes easily under the sofas, beds, kickstands, around the furniture, crossing the chair legs
  • All of our robots are assured to be high quality control passed and carried with 12 months warranty.

Sweeping robot, together with totally mopping

The price of single, double the performance. Put into the dust box is a sweeping robot, exchange to water tank is mopping robot. After switch to mopping robot, 300ML water tank inside the water will take 3ML/minutes of speed uniform outlet, self-humidifying. Farewell to dry, quiet enjoy the life of moisture.

iLife V5s 2

Sweep filter drag and mop, all in one cloth rag

V5s mopping efficiency is two times than the general mop, with barb type fiber, lock water nano fiber structure. And easy cleaning, ordinary washing can be.

iLife V5s 5

One key to exchange conversion suction

V5s has 550Pa and 850Pa two kinds of suction mode, press the “Max” button, change the size of suction. The ordinary suction is ultra-quiet, less than 50dB.

iLife V5s 4

Enjoy clean between breaths

In mopping model, V5s can work under 40dB ultra quiet mode, just like as air conditioning with sleep mode, mopping the floor silently.

iLife V5s 6

Function set all, no worry free life

V5s also have automatic charging, four kinds of intelligent path planning function, eye pattern recognition furniture and wall, complete sensor prevents drop to help you build a hassle free life

ILIFE has some strange model name, such as V5. V5 is not like V5s, but V3s. The difference of V3s and V5 is mop rag, optional function for V3s. But V7s is more powerful than the others, more large size of cabinet and water tank, more intelligence with app remote control, and wait to go to market.

The difference of ILIFE robot vacuum is below:

 iLIFE V3s 1  iLife V5 1  iLife V5s 1  iLife A4 1
V3s V5 V5s A4
Pet Hair Care Technology
3-Step Cleaning System
Dry Mop Optional
Anti Dropping off & collsion
Max Mode
Water Tank
Color Pearl White Light Gold Gold Titanium Gray

Some comments from the customers:

This does everything as promised. Only problem I have is that it gets stuck under some of my furniture, such as our recliner or even under a cabinet every once in a while. So with that I just run it when I am home cooking or picking up or doing anything else. That way I can get it unstuck so it can continue cleaning for me! I love it and it is a great help keeping the day to day crumbs and pet hair cleaned up. It is quiet enough to watch some TV while it cleans too!.”

After our Roomba 650 crapped out on us we decided to try this out since it mops AND is half the price of the base model Roomba. We don’t have any carpet in our house, It’s all hardwood and tile. This thing is awesome! It does a better job than roomba did and is much quieter than roomba too.”

For my personal comments, it is much better than iRobot Roomba 650, more clean capacity, but half price, quieter, and much effectively to clean the floor with mopping, longer of the cleaning brushes. If much larger of dust cabinet, the iLIFE V5s is perfect.

The score of robot vacuum capacity:

clean capacity 9
filter capacity 8
durable 8.5
navigation 9
dirt detect 5
cliff detect 10
pattern 6
dust bin 6
run time 8
smart level 7
noise level 9.5
price 9.5
total score 95.5

*Every item has the best score 10, total score is 120.


Mops decently

Longer battery life




Small dust cabinet, not alert you when it is full

Not smart to schedule the pattern

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